Avril Lavigne Grows Up, Re-Releases ‘Give You What You Want’

It’s been 13 years for Avril Lavigne, and she has graduated from pop diva with flying colors.

Yahoo! Music is reporting that Lavigne, 30, has re-released the song “Give You What You Want” with an accompanying video. The song is being used in a Lifetime movie, Babysitter’s Black Book, a story about teen babysitters who moonlight as prostitutes. Lavigne shot the video at Lifetime’s request to help sell the film.

A lot has happened to Lavigne over the past year. Her marriage to Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger, thought to be near an end, is still going strong. She is about nine months removed from the critially lambasted “Hello Kitty” video. She reworked “Give You What You Want’s” video to a sultry, brooding lament about an ongoing yet unfulfilling relationship. The room she’s in for the video is dark, lit only by numerous candles on the floor with a guitar player in the background, and Lavigne sitting on the floor singing about her pain.

In the video, she borrows a little from her past videos, but keeps it simple and smart wearing all black with a black hat to match. Through the video, she gives off a vulnerability with her singing style, a feat she has obviously gained through experience and pain.

Crossmap is reporting that part of Lavigne’s transformation includes an “undisclosed” illness. In the face of the divorce allegations, Kroger has slowly, steadily been giving kindness and support for his wife, and soon, for their marriage.

Some had reported Lavigne’s medical trouble as a party binge, but no evidence of that has come to the front to support that claim. It is also evident that Kroeger has nursed his wife to good health because in the video, she looks bright and alert.

The music video came about when Lifetime came to Lavigne with the offer of providing the funding for a music video for the song off Lavigne’s fifth album, released in 2013, as long as Lifetime could use the song for one of the scenes in the “Babysitters’s Black Book” movie. Lavigne said yes, and the video was done. You can follow the Yahoo! Music link to see the video.

When all is said and done, Lavigne’s 2013 album effort, as a whole, was pretty good. “Give You What You Want” mirrors the whole effort, a more subdued, introspective, mature Lavigne. Though critically well-received, publicly, it did not fare well. Lavigne has an interesting dilemma now: working on an upcoming album, but breathing new life into her previous album. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with next.

[Image courtesy of the Versed]