‘Constantine’ Actor Matt Ryan Discusses Season Finale, Season 2, ‘Dark Universe,’ And Inspiration For His Portrayal Of Constantine

NBC’s Constantine, the little show that could, is struggling along right into its season(series) finale that airs within the week. As the Inquisitr reported Sunday, the show might be moved to the SyFy channel, in an attempt to revive its numbers. As it stands, NBC has not committed to picking it up for a second season, and originally stopped the first season at 13 episodes.

Based on the cult classic, John Constantine: Hellblazer, the comic book was first made into a film that tanked at the box office. Many fans felt it strayed too far from the source material. Most would consider the NBC TV version to be mix of Hellblazer, and later Constantine labeled comics.

So, what does NBC’s Constantine actor Matt Ryan have to say about the criticism, speculation, and predictions? Read on to find out more.

Just days before the season finale, with fans, writers, and producers having no clue of the fate of the show, Comicbook.com sat down to interview the man who plays the supernatural noir detective’s anti hero Matt Ryan.

According to Ryan, with the characters Papa Midnight and Jim Corrigan returning for the finale, he said that there will be a lot going in the relationship between John and Jim. As well as, steps towards the infamous Spectre, which is who the character Jim Corrigan becomes in the DC Comic’s The Spectre. Also, we will learn more about the Brujeria, who have some connection to the “Rising Darkness.”

He addressed the rumors that he might be the Constantine in Guillermo Del Toro’s Dark Universe, that is to be the film adaptation of Justice League Dark.

“Obviously there’s talk of a movie and stuff, and those are all interesting things, but I try not to think too far ahead, really. Especially in this business, you can’t endgame too much. You have to focus on the work and try to enjoy yourself.”

He says that he draws from a lot of sources for his inspiration in playing John Constantine. Of course, he sites the myriad of comic books donning the wise-cracking, supernatural detective’s name.

“There is such a wealth of the character in all the comics. I draw upon that. I think that what I’ve been doing as well as shooting, at the same time I’ve always got one of the comics with me. I think visually it’s very interesting; so many different artists have drawn him, so you can get a real physicality from the comics. Also, the different great writers that have written him, there’s so many colors there. I think that I just keep on reading so that subliminally, subconsciously, the character is always working in the background. It’s digging and deepening and making it more full and rich, you know? More three-dimensional.”

Ryan was asked about the many layers within NBC’s Constantine, like the fact it draws inspiration from so many different Constantine related sources, and questioned what the man who plays Constantine sees for the future of the show.

“I think we’re actually just skimming the surface. That’s the great thing about it. The source material, there’s so much we can do with it and the potential is so huge. So we hope as well that we get a second season and we can continue to do that.”

Matt Ryan said that though his favorite series was Dangerous Habits, he would like to see the Family man arc for season two, according to Screenrant.

That is provided the #Save Constantine army prevail.

[ Images Via Daniel McFadden/NBC/Zap2It]