Catherine O'Hara Had 'Home Alone' Reunion With Macaulay Culkin

A Home Alone reunion? Actress Catherine O'Hara spilled the beans in a recent interview!

The Home Alone actress opened up about a brief reunion with Macauley Culkin, her child co-star from the 1990 film.

While promoting her new show, Schitt's Creek, on Watch What Happens Live, O'Hara had a chance to talk about the brief encounter that she had with her "son" a couple of years ago.

"I haven't seen him for years and years, but I saw him two years ago - a year-and-a-half ago? -- at a Martin Mull art opening."
On the Tuesday episode of WWHL, Catherine O'Hara went on to explain to Andy Cohen how the two seemed to automatically snap back into character.
"He was coming out, and he went, 'Mommy!' And I said, 'Baby!'"
Even though the reunion was short and sweet, it was apparently full of emotion - especially since Catherine's own husband, Bo Welch, was reportedly excited as well.
"My husband, who's usually cool about these things, was like, 'Okay, both of you get together, I'm getting a picture!' And he got beautiful pictures on his phone, which I wish I had to show."
Catherine also stated that Macaulay Culkin was living in Paris at the time, "looked lovely" and "was doing really well." O'Hara went on to admit that she was happy to see him.It was those same type of mother-son hugs and reunions that warmed the hearts of millions of people when Home Alone was first released nearly 25 years ago.

Kate McCallister (played by Catherine O'Hara) seemed to cause the average moviegoer to become misty-eyed towards the end of the movie when she was finally reunited with her accidentally-left-behind son, Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin).

Years later, Catherine O'Hara has been able to continue to build an impressive resume of acting roles on the big and small screen. However, her role as the worried yet lovable mother in Home Alone seems to still resonate with fans and critics today.

Catherine O'Hara now stars in the new show Schitt's Creek with another one of her popular co-stars, actor Eugene Levy. The Canadian television sitcom premiered on CBC Television last month.

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