Forget Your News Year’s Resolution About The Gym? No Prob: ‘Uptown Funk’ Your Abs!

It’s hard to deny the sexy, breezy, catchy tune “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. It has taken the nation, and much of the world, like wildfire, leaving a slightly dazed although happy Ronson in its wake. Ronson thought that many times the song would not be completed, although he cannot put his finger on exactly why, other than some type of writer’s block. He works well with Bruno Mars and has done so multiple times with great success. Although Ronson first and foremost considers himself a DJ, he can’t say enough good about the work he’s done in collaboration with Bruno.

“There’s something spookily great about Bruno. He taps into everybody’s f***ing thing — there’s artists that have moments when they’re in the zone, and their music touches everybody. Same way as Michael Jackson. How come toward the end of his career, there were kids screaming outside of his hotel who weren’t even born when his last massive record came out?”

The song has been loved by Ellen, heralded by Obama, performed by school kids, made into parodies, and in general left people with a smile. Undertones of the song are reminiscent to Generation X of that “Minneapolis” sound that was coined by Prince and Morris Day, while Generation Y gets on board with the fresh appeal. These means there are potentially many parents and teenagers wholeheartedly grooving together as they cruise the roads. And although the making of the song was a nightmare for multiple reasons, Ronson is surely glad it all came together the way it did.

“Uptown Funk” is so versatile that it should come as no surprise that athletes are using it to warm up before their practices and games. This video posted to YouTube shows the young athletes at the Gymnastics Gym Club in Calgary in Alberta, Canada, in order to do a tremendous abdominal muscle workout. If you’ve forgotten your New Year’s gym resolution, maybe you’ll be inspired to join in on these funky moves.

The girls impressively move through their workout routine to the beat of the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars tune seemingly without even breaking a sweat. The video was uploaded to Facebook on January 29 and has already accrued over 13 million views. While there’s no word if Ronson has attempted the impressive ab workout to his song, one wouldn’t be surprised if he could keep up. It seems the versatile, brilliant Ronson is unstoppable these days.

[Image via Andrew Vetter/Facebook]