Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted Making Out With Blonde Model Just Feet Away From Rihanna At L.A. Club

Leonardo DiCaprio is proving to be a bit of a player it seems. He was reportedly spotted at an L.A. nightclub over the weekend making out with a blonde model just feet away from pop star Rihanna, with whom he was very recently romantically involved .

So recently, in fact, that even the latest reports have been focusing on his romance with Rihanna, which everyone thought was hot and getting hotter, but apparently not.

Having earned himself a bit of a man’s man reputation in the world of online men’s magazines like BroBible, Leonardo DiCaprio is earning himself some props, at least from men who think his move at the 1Oak club was awesome.

Even though numerous publications reported that Leo was making out with the nameless blonde model, no one has reported on Rihanna’s reaction to the incident.

After all, because she was recently involved with DiCaprio in one way or another, it wasn’t very sensitive of him to make out with another paramour standing just a few feet away.

An inside source who claims to have been at the club told Radar Online, “They were making out. Rihanna was at the owner, Richie Akiva’s table, downstairs. Leo was at a separate table. He had his own by the DJ booth.”

Hollywood Life reported that back in January, Rihanna and Leo were spotted kissing at the Playboy mansion and allegedly partied together on New Year’s Eve at the La Plage Club in St. Barts.

That wasn’t very long ago at all, so it seems like Leonardo isn’t slowing down as he gets older. If anything, he seems to be speeding up as he moves from woman to woman.

While it the relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna was neither confirmed nor denied, it’s a pretty sure thing that at least something was going on between the two.

For now, it remains to be seen if the blonde model at the club was just a one night thing for Leo or if it will turn into something more serious.