‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Starting Her Own Rumors With Ambiguous Tweets?

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is known to be one of the most dramatic stars from the show, as she has been arrested numerous times, has been known to do drugs and has gotten engaged more than her co-stars on Teen Mom 2 put together. And while Jenelle is often surrounded by controversy, it sounds like she may be the one to start most of the drama herself.

Simply by looking at her Twitter account, it is easy to see that Jenelle Evans enjoys spreading rumors and stories that people can discuss on her timeline. Evans doesn’t seem to care that her children are also suffering from this public display, as they are often affected by the online drama. For example, Child Protective Services has made several stops at her home to see if the children are safe.

According to a new set of tweets, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now sharing tweets that could be interpreted in so many ways that people just assume that something is wrong. Last night, Jenelle and Nathan Griffith apparently watched a movie, so she decided to tweet a random message that could be interpreted as Nathan walking out on her.

“And just like that he vanished,” Jenelle tweeted last night, which had people tweeting things like, “drama starting early today.”

Given that Jenelle Evans and Nathan have just been through a wave of breakup rumors, it is interesting that she would write such a thing. Just a week ago, Jenelle was posting pictures without her engagement ring, and Nathan had supposedly decided to leave her and their son behind. In addition, a video surfaced of Evans telling Griffith that she hoped that his brother would die in combat. But Evans has a simple explanation for the tweet.

“It’s a quote from a movie we watched last night lmao,” Jenelle Evans revealed, staying in tune with a previous tweet that read, “I’m having a great day whether u r happy or not. #WontBringMeDown.”

It is questionable why Evans would write such a tweet, given many people assume that she is indeed in some sort of trouble with Nathan. Just a few days ago, Jenelle hadn’t been tweeting as much and stories surfaced that she was living in a hotel because she had ben kicked out of her home.

According to the Inquisitr, there had been stories of them splitting up after fighting on a recent vacation. Jenelle continues to deny these stories, despite her friends selling her out.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans starting rumors herself?

[Image via Instagram]