Rapper Kevin Grant; Dog Sex, Sex With Cousin, Eating Weed. What About His Music?

The crazy world of Kevin Gates just took another step into a crazier zone.

Radio.com is reporting that Gates, who is becoming better known for his sexual peccadillos than for his music, went to his Instragram page to let his fans know that he kicked a woman out of his bed because he wanted her to perform fellatio on his dog, to which the woman refused.

“I hope you didn’t think I got in the bed with you just to lay down with you,” Gates said in his latest Instagram video. “B*tch you can call Uber [a local transportation service] for all I care.”

“Hoe talkin’ bout, ‘I ain’t bout to suck no dog d*ck; that’s a dog!”

As if there was any justification for his demands, Gates bigged up his furry companion in the best of lights ending with, “Hoe you can call him what you want–but he loyal. I don’t get tired,” he added with a laugh.

The “Strokin'” star (your joke here) has gone to Instagram to defend his sexual decision. In January, he uploaded a video in which he admits to having sex with a cousin, and pretty much states he won’t stop.

“You mean to tell me if you’ve been f–king with someone for three months…everything beautiful and your grandmother come tell you one day that’s your cousin, y’all done got the hard part out of the way,” he says. “Why f–k up a good thing?”

In the short clips, which he titled “Real Talk,” Gates explains that people had told him that he and his girlfriend looked a lot alike, but it wasn’t until his grandma let him know that they were in fact cousins that he found out the true reason for the similarity.

According to the video, Gates did not know the woman in question was indeed a cousin, until after three months. Now, there is word that the whole cousin-dating story is a ruse. No words, or videos, from Gates on this rumor.

Gates has also downloaded a video of him seemingly eating marijuana buds out of a bag, and flaunting his catch phrase “I don’t get tired,” according to Boombox. Though it can’t readily be seen, it appears that Gates is eating raw buds, no preparation done.

Though Gates has had some success on the charts, his recent notoriety might keep him from reaching the big time. Hopefully, he’ll get tired of these rumors and get back to music.