'Clash of Clans' Is One Huge Hit

Ernest Shepard

Move over XBox and PS4 lovers, the hottest game out is none other than Clash of Clans. The Android-based game developed by the Finnish gaming company Supercell has taken the handheld world by storm. Clash of Clans was already a popular game, but thanks to an aggressive Super Bowl commercial campaign, the buzz for the strategy game has never been higher.

According to the Guardian, the Clash of Clans spot was the most popular among the Super Bowl ads.

The commercial, entitled "Revenge," featured action star Liam Neeson being attacked by a random player. It has amassed over 37.5 million views on YouTube. It has left the other high-priced commercials in the dust. Clash of Clans has over 100 million downloads to date. In terms of downloads, it shares the stage with other applications such as Twitter, Instagram, Candy Crush Saga, and Snapchat.

The success of the game is solely tied to the business model that Supercell follows. In a Business Insiderreport published in 2013, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen mentions five details. One of those points was celebrating when the company fails. He cites that there are more "failures than wins."

Winning is a vital part of the game. Just in case you have been missing in action for the past few years, the object of the game is to create a village from some humble beginnings. After getting your village together, you must build it into an impenetrable fortress by using gold and elixir that you develop over time. In order to build your empire faster, you can go out and attack other villages. Just stay away from the land that was built by Liam Neeson, AngryNeeson52. You do not want to end up like BigBuffetBoy85. If you are on the opposite side of a revenge attack, hopefully your defenses are up to the challenge.

You can even team up with some friends, or a group of random strangers, and participate in the fun mini-game, "Clan Wars."

Clash of Clans is set up for even a basic a gamer, and with Neeson reprising his role from the 2008 film Taken in the ad, it is due to appeal to a broader audience.

Supercell has a huge hit on its hands with the ever-so-addictive Clash of Clans, and the publicity from the Super Bowl could only make things better. The farm building game Hay Day has had a great deal of success, with over 50 million downloads to date. Also, Boom Beach, the most recent Supercell release, is drawing excellent download statistics with over 10 million.

Thanks to some clever commercials, including a legitimate hit Super Bowl ad, more people will be exacting their revenge in Clash of Clans.