Imagine Dragons Give Special Behind-The-Scenes Video Pass Of World’s League of Legends Finals

Imagine Dragons gives their fans a special, inside look at its performance at the World’s League of Legends finals, in Seoul, South Korea.

It was the first time Imagine Dragons had traveled to the country. However, members of the band said that they loved it. Bass player Ben McKee speaks on his musical experience at the League of Legends finals.

“I love Korea. You come to a country for the first time, you play with a 120 local musicians… in a stadium…”

That would’ve positively been a great experience for nearly anyone who had the same opportunity. Likewise in the video, the Imagine Dragons’ vocalist, Dan Reynolds, says that he enjoyed the process and was fun experiencing a 100-piece orchestra.

Imagine Dragons With Orchestra At World's League Of Legends Finals
Credits: YouTube Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds talks about playing alongside orchestra.

Accordingly, the band found themselves amid several genres of artists and people during its experience at the concert. You would think there was a lot of stage time, but according to the stage manager, there wasn’t. In the video, the stage manager of the event says as follows.

“There’s all these people that have to take the stage during, like, a 15-minute span. We have all the traditional drummers that are here, plus Imagine Dragons, plus players [gamers], a flag bearer for the players, plus the announcer guy from Korea OGN [Yong-jun Chun]…”

Some of the staff at the event joined Imagine Dragons as the group played League of Legends. To paraphrase Eefie Depoortere, who was a host and analyst in the event, Imagine Dragons’ members were gamers just like everyone else there. She input as follows.

“They had to start doing their vocal exercises during the game, which was really cool.”

Daniel Platzman, the band’s drummer, concludes with the following statements.

“To play a show in a place you’ve never been ever, [and] to get that kind of response, it’s really hard to describe it. But it’s almost feel like we don’t deserve it. Like, who made this mistake that we’re playing for this crowd? Like, it’s a really great feeling.”

Since then, it seems as though he’s been traveling with the band and enjoying life.

However, the group works hard, and it seems deserving. As of 2015, the band recently performed at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Also, Imagine Dragons has an incredibly lengthy tour schedule, beginning in April. The first show will be in Tupper, Santiago, Chile, at Movistar Arena.

What are your thoughts about the band?

[Image and Video via YouTube]