Justin Hartley Heads Back To 'Mistresses,' Will It Impact His Role On 'Young And Restless'?

Justin Hartley may be keeping busy on The Young & the Restless in his new role of Adam Newman, he's also heading back to Mistresses for at least a bit of Season 3. Will this impact his role on Y&R? Apparently not, which is good news for fans who are really enjoying his spin as the dastardly Newman.

TV Guide shares the scoop on Justin Hartley's return to Mistresses. As fans saw at the end of Season 2, Joss and Scott's wedding was set to take place, but then Joss was on the beach with Harry and Savi was walking down the steps toward them. Given that Alyssa Milano said she's leaving the role of Savi, fans wondered what would come next.

Jes Macallan, who plays Joss, teases that as Season 3 of Mistresses starts, viewers will see the "massive repercussions" that Joss' choice to be on the beach with Harry rather than inside marrying Scott take. Given that Milano has left the show, it seems that her reaction will happen off-camera. However, Scott's reaction to things falling apart will be on-camera with Hartley's return.

It seems that Hartley's return to Mistresses in the role of Scott will be fairly brief and just an opportunity to wrap things up with the character. While viewers are glad to see the show return, not everybody is convinced it can carry on successfully without the character of Savi.

Will the storyline of Joss and Harry together, as will seemingly be the case, be enough to keep people tuning in? Some think it definitely will, while others aren't so sure. Many would have liked to watch a full examination of how Savi reacts to her sister's betrayal, but clearly that's not an option at this point.

As for his part, Hartley tweeted the link to the news of his return and said that he's looking forward to seeing his friends at the show. According to CBS Soaps in Depth, Hartley's character, Scott, will be in the Season 3 Mistresses premiere as well as at least one other episode of the 13-show season.

A Y&R rep says that Justin's spin back at Mistresses will not affect his role as Adam. That is good news for fans, who know that big things are ahead for Adam, who is still masquerading as Gabriel. Many Young & Restless fans suspect that Adam's real identity may emerge to more Genoa City residents soon, while others wonder if he may manage to get Chelsea to fall for him as Gabriel and back himself into a bit of a corner.

Stay tuned for more Mistresses details as the summer Season 3 premiere comes up and check out Justin Hartley as Adam Newman weekdays on CBS on The Young & the Restless.

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