‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute Discusses Wedding Pains, Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute appeared on Last Call on Monday night to discuss Scheana Marie and Mike Shay’s wedding.

After the host of the aftershow suggested Doute was the hero of the wedding after she arrived gift in hand, Doute agreed.

“I kind of was,” she admitted in the Bravo clip.

“Basically, I was the only one left because all of her bridesmaids were there.”

As for having to watch her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, walk down the aisle with his new love, Ariana Madix, the Vanderpump Rules star wasn’t so thrilled.

“It was weird. Yea, it was weird. I hate to admit. I went to Tom’s brother’s wedding with him, and so I saw Tom as his best man, and so I’m sitting here as a guest, and I’m seeing Tom and Ariana walking down the aisle, and I’m like, ‘That’s not what I was hoping for tonight.’ Yea, it was a little awkward. I don’t want to be with Tom. It’s not about that. It’s just something that I saw Tom and I doing for so long, so it was very awkward for me to have to witness the two of them.”

“I’m a very romantic person, so when I’m at weddings, I’m the kind of girl that’s like, ‘Oh my god, I’m at a wedding, and I’m thinking about when I’m going to get married,’ and, ‘What color are my flowers going to be and my wedding dress?’ ” Doute explained.

“And then oh, wait, there’s my ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend, who he cheated on me with.”

When asked if she was imagining a wedding to Sandoval or her current boyfriend, James Kennedy, Doute said, “Not with Tom, definitely not with Tom. Do I want that for Tom and Ariana? No. I think it’s a joke, but I didn’t want it for Tom and I.”

As for Kennedy, Doute said nothing.

She did, however, applaud her Vanderpump Rules co-star, Scheana Marie, for throwing such an amazing wedding. She even compared it to Pandora Sabo’s, which was much more expensive.

“The way Scheana and Shay had their wedding was just so phenomenal on the budget that they had, it’s even more beautiful than Pandora’s was. Like really. I’m so impressed with what they did.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Doute doesn’t have everyone convinced that she’s over Sandoval.

In his Bravo blog, Jax Taylor accused Doute of pining for her ex-boyfriend.

“He’s a young kid who likes this girl and trying everything in his power to have a relationship with her, when she’s still pining over Tom Sandoval,” Taylor said of Kennedy. “It’s really sad.”

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