Ariana Madix Wishes The Reunion Aired Now: Jax Taylor Struggles Through Filming

Ariana Madix has had to battle quite the rumor storm on Vanderpump Rules this season as Kristen Doute has been determined to bring down Ariana and Tom Sandoval. The season started out with a cheating rumor that Tom had been unfaithful in Miami, and it was during this time the infamous Instagram girl was brought up.

But Ariana Madix took the rumors in stride. Madix chose to believe Tom Sandoval over Kristen, and she claimed that she and Tom were closer than ever. They literally told each other everything, and Madix wasn’t concerned about Tom cheating on her. At the reunion, Ariana got to address some of the things that have been happening throughout the season, and she appears to be thrilled about the outcome.

According to a new Bravo report, Ariana Madix told her Twitter followers that the reunion had been crazy, but positively great. Ariana was actually wishing that the reunion would air sooner rather than later. But since the season isn’t quite over yet, fans will have to wait for the reunion special. At the reunion filming, Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump snapped a photo together. These two are not involved in the drama and essentially just serve as observers during the filming. Andy revealed that it had been a blast filming the reunion show.

“It was great!” Ariana Madix revealed about the reunion, adding, “Wish it was airing tomorrow.”

One of the things that was most likely brought up is Kristen’s obsession with Tom and Madix. According to the Inquisitr, Ariana was concerned about Kristen’s behaviour throughout the season, and she was shocked to watch the show back. Had she known then what she knows how, Madix may have taken legal action to protect herself.

And while Ariana had a great reunion special, Jax Taylor was in the hot seat. Of course, Jax has been in the middle of much of the drama, spreading many of the rumors and stories of cheating. So, it really isn’t surprising that many of his cast members were aggressive when addressing him.

“Wow this reunion is going just as I thought …it’s like target practice the stuff that’s being said right now wow!!” Jax Taylor revealed, adding, “#belowthebelt.”

It even got so bad that Tom Schwartz had to assist Jax through the filming as he struggled a bit. One has to wonder how Katie Maloney took that as Jax has been trying to split up Tom and Katie throughout the season.

And even though Kristen Doute was fired from the restaurant, she was present at the reunion special with her boyfriend, James Kennedy.

“We SURvived, unscathed,” Kristen revealed on Twitter, sharing a picture of herself and James.

What do you think the reunion special will be like this year? Do you think Ariana Madix had plenty to say?

[Image via Bravo]