‘Game of Thrones’ Special ‘Day In The Life’ Brings Spotlight To Season 5

The new season of Game of Thrones is just around the corner and fans of the show can’t get enough little tidbits about what’s coming in season five. For those who are voracious when it comes to gobbling up info about Game of Thrones, HBO’s recent A Day in the Life show provided a number of little bits of information on what we can expect when the new season finally does kick off, including at least two massive battle scenes.

Upcoming wars aside, the production of the television series is massive in its own right. The behind the scenes look gave us a peek into just how hard the production teams work in order to put the series together. Among the tidbits this Game of Thrones special gave us was that there are more than 85,000 people who applied as the show’s fillers and that people from all over Europe and North America have applied to just be in the show for the briefest of moments. It shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise that there are this many people involved in the shooting of Game of Thrones, considering that shooting takes place in more than five countries, 166 sets and actually has more than 1,000 people in its total cast.

Among the new set pieces this year will be our first live and in color look at Dorne and the documentary showed viewers how the Alcazar palace in Seville will serve as the legendary Water Gardens in this desert land. Mashable also reported that a role on the show, even as an extra might be one that many people are vying for, it’s a demanding part. The shooting day on set starts at 5:00 AM for extras and that long day doesn’t even guarantee most people that they will actually be on camera.

When it comes to plot points for the new season of Game of Thrones, the 26-minute special didn’t divulge a ton of new info but there were at least a few scenes where queen regent Cersei is going to be finding out how the other half lives. During this season, Cersei will meet The High Sparrow, according to Rolling Stone and the pair will be visiting what is King’s Landing’s version of a soup kitchen.

Obviously the Day in the Life story was more about showing the behind the scenes but it did also manage to wet our appetites. If nothing else, the documentary reminded us just how much we all love Game of Thrones and the actors behind the most popular characters.