Comcast and Verizon kicking off joint marketing effort in Northwest

Comcast and Verizon are prepping to kick off a joint marketing effort in the northwest starting this week in Seattle and Portland, Ore., according to a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The two companies will reportedly be selling each other’s products and services, with Comcast promoting Verizon Wireless services, while Verizon will be selling Comcast’s Xfinity products in Verizon stores. Comcast and Verizon will also be offering cross-company service bundles, inluding wireless, cable-TV, landline phone, and residential Internet services.

While the joint marketing effort will initially only take place in the midwest, Comcast senior vice president Cathy Avgiri said that the two plan on introducing bundled Comcast and Verizon services throughout the nation after the company has amply tested the waters in Oregon.

“We know that our customers want to stay connected no matter where they are. That’s why we’re offering a wireless deal with America’s best wireless carriers,” said Avgiris.

Eventually, Comcast and Verizon plan on introducing all-new products to stream content seamlessly between wireless and cable-TV/Internet platforms, explained Tony Heyman, president of integrated media services at Verizon Wireless.

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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer