Apple iOS 9 Release Date: Penned Stability Update, Focused On Optimization

Apple is trying to fix some issues with iOS 9. According to a report on 9to5Mac, the next release of the iOS will focus on improved stability and optimizing user experience. Apple’s engineers are working overtime on “fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting performance for the new operating system,” according to the report. Some new features may come along with the iOS 9 update, but the priority is to make it faster and more streamlined.

MacRumors also gave users some information about the highly anticipated iOS 9. Apple doesn’t want to make this OS flashy and colorful. The iOS 9 update for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for 2015 will improve the current framework. The iOS 9 update won’t go without some new features though. There are rumors that it could include indoor mapping abilities for Maps and split-screen multitasking for iPads.

Sources close to 9to5Mac said that Apple will market its IOS 9 similarly to the OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. This OS also received a major maintenance upgrade that resulted in better efficiency and improved performance.

“For 2015, iOS 9 is going to include a collection of under-the-hood improvements. Sources tell us that iOS 9 engineers are putting a ‘huge’ focus on fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting performance for the new operating system, rather than solely focusing on delivering major new feature additions. Apple will also continue to make efforts to keep the size of the OS and updates manageable, especially for the many millions of iOS device owners with 16GB devices.”

An operating system that is willing to improve its performance and bugs will be great news for iOS 8 users who have been unhappy with the state of this operating system. Some feel iOS 8 was probably a little too ambitious for Apple engineers when it comes to new features, according to a report on Tech Crunch. It also suffered a large number of bugs since its release in September, including issues like Bluetooth connectivity issues, battery drainage, screen rotation problems, and slow Wi-Fi. The last iOS 8 updates, such as 8.1.1, 8.1.2, and 8.1.3, have focused on fixing these issues.

Apple is also focused on reducing the amount of storage space needed for the iOS 9 update. This is more great news for users who own 16GB devices with very little storage space leftover. iOS 8 has seen slower adoption rates than iOS 7 since it requires users to update their storage for a fee.

The iOS 9 rollout is well on its way. However, a release date for the new operating system hasn’t been revealed yet. Users will get a first glimpse of iOS 9 at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June.

[Image: Aren’tYouAlex-Spencer?/Flickr]