Adam Lind In Court: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Reportedly Takes Ex To Court For Custody

Another Teen Mom 2 custody battle is allegedly brewing. Leah Messer and Corey Simms were in court last December for custody of their twin daughters and now another Teen Mom 2 dad is in court fighting for custody of his daughter.

According to Teen Mom Truth, Adam Lind was back in court on Monday to fight for custody of his youngest daughter, Paislee. Taylor Halbur is the mother of the little girl and dated Adam Lind for quite some time. The two had a tumultuous relationship that eventually ended, but according to Adam, he hasn’t seen his daughter in two months. The site cited a post allegedly from his Facebook talking about the day in court.

“Well…today is the day. Court vs Taylor for my Lil. Paislee Mae… I will finally get to see her…Only been 2 months…It shouldn’t even come down to me paying someone to serve her with papers to see my child…But such is life..Wish me luck ppl :) I will be getting my kids!!:)”

However, Taylor Halbur may have a reason for allegedly keeping her daughter from Adam Lind. It was in December that a restraining order was placed against Lind by his ex-girlfriend, Brooke. In addition to the restraining order, Lind was also charged with domestic stalking. It was around this time that Radar Online reported that both Taylor Halbur and Chelsea Houska (who also has a daughter with Adam) were considering joining forces to fight for custody against Adam.

“Chelsea is very concerned by the new allegations. She no longer feels she can allow Aubree to be alone with Adam. Chelsea and Taylor are putting aside their differences because they both want the best for their kids. They don’t trust Adam and are concerned about the recent series of events in his life.”

It is unclear if Chelsea Houska has indeed decided to ensue in a Teen Mom 2 custody battle with Adam Lind. If the report from Teen Mom Truth is correct, then the custody battle may have been due to Adam serving Taylor with papers to see his daughter rather than Taylor taking the first step. She did take to Twitter this morning to make a statement, but not about the custody battle directly.

Like Chelsea Houska, Taylor Halbur is in a new relationship with a man who seems to adore her daughter. Adam Lind has been in and out of both his daughters lives and it is unclear how custody will play out, especially considering his legal troubles.

This is the second time this month that Adam Lind has been in court. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he was in court last week to answer to domestic stalking charges. Those charges stemming from his relationship with Brooke Beaton were dropped.

[Image: via Facebook]