Beyonce’s 2015 Grammy Performance Of ‘Precious Lord, Take My Hand’ Gets 250K Views [Video]

Beyoncé’s 2015 Grammys performance was certainly different from Beyoncé’s 2014 Grammys performance, wherein she danced with a wet-look, beach-type hairstyle with husband Jay Z to their “Drunk in Love” hit. This time, however, Beyoncé went from “Drunk in Love” to singing “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” at the 2015 Grammys, in a rousing spiritual rendition of the classic gospel song that is bringing buzz on Monday morning.

This Beyonce Grammy 2015 Performance by Daily Music posted 11 hours ago (shortly after midnight following the 2015 Grammys) has already gained more than 250,000 views and counting upwards, showing the diva dressed in a sheer all-white gown that had her looking positively ethereal.

It was an unexpected turn of events to see Beyoncé standing stock still and nevertheless rocking out the Grammy Awards in a whole new God-fearing way. Pharrell Williams also saw fit to call on the Lord during his “Happy” performance at the Grammys, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Most folks, however, are also talking about Kanye West saying Beck should give his Grammy to Beyonce’, as reported by Fox News Insider‎ — and that Beck has told Kanye that even he himself thought Beyoncé was going to win, says Rolling Stone.

It was humorous to see Kanye pretend to rush the stage as Beck mounted it in preparation to give his Grammy speech, reminiscent of the time that Kanye bulldozed Taylor Swift’s speech in the past. Beyonce and Jay Z laughed at Kanye’s 2015 antics, reports the Hollywood Reporter‎, especially since Kanye didn’t actually speak or grab the mic from Beck’s hands. Meanwhile, Beyoncé appeared to ask Jay Z if he wanted to join her onstage for her “Drunk in Love” Grammy Award win, but he declined, and instead accepted her kiss on the lips and proclamation of love after accepting the Best R&B Grammy, reports the Daily Mail. Beyoncé took home three Grammy awards Sunday night.

Overall, publications are calling Beyoncé’s 2015 Grammys performance of “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” a triumph — without some perhaps knowing the tragic and triumphant history of the song’s writer, Thomas A. Dorsey. He was a man who experienced the death of his wife Nettie as she gave birth to their child in 1932. Merely a couple of days later, the child — a boy — also died. Dorsey was overcome with so much grief that he penned “Precious Lord, Take My Hand,” a song that is sung at many funerals to this day.

[Image via Beyoncé “Precious Lord” Grammys 2015 YouTube video]