‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: A Big Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc On Genoa City

Fans of The Young and the Restless are bracing themselves for some wild episodes given the previews for the week of February 9. The show is teasing that someone is going to die, and there’s a lot of speculation about who might bite the dust. What Young and the Restless spoilers are available for this week’s episodes?

As She Knows Soaps shares, on Monday’s show, Neil will quietly close the door of Devon’s suite after seeing Hilary and Devon together. They will talk about telling Neil the truth, and they decide they will tell him before Valentine’s Day. Neil sees Cane and Lily downstairs and keeps up the pretense that he’s still blind.

Phyllis is at the ranch with Victor, reminding him that he said she could count on him. Nikki shows up, and Victor says that Phyllis is staying there for a while. Nikki and Victor will argue about his motives, and soon Jack shows up at the door. He wants Phyllis to go home and she declines.

The two argue, and Jack notices that Phyllis is not wearing her engagement ring. She says she needs space and gives him the ring back. She later tells Victor she won’t be anybody’s victim any longer.

Neil and Nikki both end up at a seedy bar and reveal their secrets to one another. He says he feels like a fool, and he adds that he may try to make Devon and Hilary pay for what they’ve done.

As the week continues, Dylan punches Joe and Austin quits the Underground after Nick says that because he loves his daughter he’s not firing Austin. Adam will talk to Chelsea, asking her if she would take her husband back if he walked through the door.

We Love Soaps teases The Young and the Restless spoilers that on Tuesday’s show, Chelsea will learn the truth about Sage and Gabriel. On Wednesday’s show, Paul will push Christine on her hostility toward Phyllis while Mariah and Kevin receive an invitation.

Ashley will be confronting Victor later in the week while Lily tells Cane she’s planning a special Valentine’s Day for them. On Friday’s show, Chelsea will wind up in Adam’s arms while Nick puts together a special surprise for Sharon. Hilary is worried about what comes next.

Of course, the big Young and Restless spoiler preview teases a plane crash and a building collapse this week, with one Genoa City resident not making it out alive. It would appear that the collapse is at the Underground, and with a big winter storm causing issues all over town, just about everybody on the canvas will be involved in one predicament or another.

She Knows Soaps teases that for the February sweeps, the Winters family faces a disaster, which is surely the plane crash that seemingly takes place as everybody heads to Chicago. The preview shows that Lily seems to be missing, and spoilers tease that Neil needs to decide what’s important to him. It would certainly appear to be that Neil will reveal he can see in order to find and save Lily.

The show’s new executive producer and head writer, Charles Pratt Jr., recently chatted with the Hollywood Reporter and teased big events ahead. His Y&R spoilers tease that Jack and Victor have an epic blowout ahead while a mysterious person hits Genoa City. Could this be the return of Kyle Abbott or someone entirely new? The storm ahead, which seemingly includes the plane crash most would imagine, is said to turn loves and lives upside down. Secrets will come out, and lives are rearranged by the plane crash.

From the sounds of the Young and Restless spoilers, the plane crash, collapse, and subsequent shake-ups will play out toward the end of the week and likely carry into the week of February 16. Who will die? Y&R fans are busy speculating, with some even thinking it could be Lily who dies.

While it could be a big player on the show who dies, others wonder if it could be someone more along the lines of Austin or Joe, with Kelly being another popular guess. Most are guessing that both Adam’s secret regarding his identity and Neil’s secret about his sight will come to light in the midst of these catastrophic incidents.

Celeb Dirty Laundry adds some additional Young and the Restless spoilers to the mix. Their call is that Joe Clark bites the dust saving Avery while a big winter storm causes problems not just for the plane and at the Underground, but in other parts of town as well.

Adam, now played by Justin Hartley, apparently will have to try to save Connor and Billy when they are trapped, with Nikki and Phyllis being trapped together elsewhere. Adam will reportedly save Connor, but he’ll have only a split second to decide whether to save Billy too. Will he exact revenge and leave Billy to die?

From the sounds of the available Y&R spoilers, February is going to be a wild month indeed. Tune in to The Young and the Restless airing weekdays on CBS to see just what happens during the week of February 9.

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