‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Character Revelations, Twitter Goes Wild

[Ed. note: This article, as marked above, contains major spoilers for the most recent episode of The Walking Dead.]

When one sees the #RIPTyrese hashtag trending on Twitter, one begins to wonder what happened to Tyrese Gibson. Apparently, this journalist isn’t a Walking Dead watcher, because that writer would immediately know that TWD stands for The Walking Dead, and that Tyreese (or “Tyrese,” according to Twitter hashtag writers) was a pretty popular character on the show. As reported by Hollywood Life, people were just getting over the loss of Beth on The Walking Dead, when suddenly the shocking winter February 8 premiere of The Walking Dead saw another unexpected demise.

Perhaps because the The Walking Dead had a slow pacing of the death of Beth Greene throughout Season 5’s first eight episodes, according to Cleveland.com, this latest plot turn was most moving to fans who are ranting and raving about the death on Twitter as if Tyreese was a member of their own families. In the ninth episode, titled “What Happened and What’s Going On,” Tyreese played a father figure to hopeless Noah, but Tyreese ended up bitten and began to hallucinate. As a result, Tyreese’s arm was chopped off and he ended up dead.

Meanwhile, as TV Line writers and Walking Dead Twitter fans rant about how angry they are that Tyreese is dead, Chad L. Coleman — who plays Tyreese on Walking Dead — has revealed to the publication the real reason that his character met his untimely demise.

“The reason why I’m not alive is everyone circles around Rick. My ideology and philosophy doesn’t fit. So I wouldn’t stay, anyway. I would have to tell my sister, if you feel like this is the way to do things, then I’m just going to go off on my own and find some like-minded people. But they weren’t going to go that route, because the show is focused on Rick. [Aside from that,] the creation of Daryl, more than anything else, is probably the reason why I’m not on the show. I was [Rick’s] right-hand man [in the comics].”

According to the Inquisitr, a funeral displayed previously on Walking Dead previews could’ve been for any of the three characters Noah, Beth or Tyreese, or for someone else — and now we know the truth, which hasn’t stopped folks from tweeting about their displeasure over the death.

“First it was beth now tyrese is gone? Who’s next? Tsk!

no! Felt so bad for you. Someone please tell me is OK. Cannot take this.

[Image via The Walking Dead]