Chris Soules Reacts After Kelsey Poe Laughs Off Panic Attack — Kelsey’s ‘Amazing Story’ Comes To An End [Spoilers]

Kelsey Poe’s panic attack on the Bachelor is being called fake and manipulative by the her co-stars, but it’s Chris Soules who has the final say on what happens to the girl with the “amazing story.” Last week, Kelsey told Chris about her late husband, Sanderson Poe, and then became upset when he told the girls that she shared her story with him in his hotel room.

Before the end of Episode 5, Kelsey ended up on the floor having what was assumed to be a panic attack. Medics rushed in to assist Poe, and the rose ceremony was postponed until Episode 6 airs on February 9. For fans who think this season is the most boring season of the Bachelor ever, WetPaint promises that that’s “all about to end” — the drama will kick into high gear on Monday night.

[Spoilers ahead]

When fans tune in to watch Monday night’s episode, Kelsey will still be screaming as medics place an oxygen mask over her face. The other ladies in the house don’t buy into her panic attack, with several of them calling her manipulative, including Carly Waddell.

“She already talked with Chris today in his hotel room… Now that she has no cocktail party to further manipulate him, she’s trying to figure out another way to, like, make sure he doesn’t send her home. It’s a tactical move.”

Minutes after Poe is attended to by medical personnel, she miraculously sits up and calmly asks to see Chris. She then throws her head back and laughs as she tells the woman assisting her, “I’m gonna get a rose tonight for sure.”

Her plan works — Reality Steve states that she gets a rose when she finally gets her oxygen mask off and Chris sends Mackenzie Dionigi and Samantha Steffen home. However, if she has hopes of staying another week, it’s going to be a rude awakening for her.

Once the previous week’s rose ceremony wraps up, Episode 6 begins. Rose in hand, Kelsey feels sure she will make it to the final four and inch closer to the final rose. However, she lands the worst possible date — a two-on-one with Ashley I.

ABC bills Episode 7 as the “most dramatic” week of the season. Of course, they always say that, but for fans of the show, watching Kelsey use the story of her late husband’s death to advance her on the show has upped the drama factor this season. There is no doubt that pairing Kelsey with Ashley I. on the date with Chris was a brilliant move by production and must-see TV.

Ashley’s fake eyelashes and Kelsey’s fake smile won’t get them far. Expect lots of tears and plenty of resentment — and perhaps another panic attack — when Chris finally comes to his senses and sends both of the drama queens home on Monday night.

Tune in to watch the Bachelor at 8 p.m. ET on ABC on Monday night to see Kelsey stir up more drama during her final moments on the show.