Secretary Kerry Hints At Another Run For President in 2016 Elections

In a field that is growing crowded as the 2016 election approaches, one public figure hinted of a possibility in making another bid as the Democratic nominee. Secretary of State John Kerry was posed the question about running for president in what would likely be a contest against frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Kerry left the door wide open, according to a Fox News report.

Secretary Kerry sat for an interview on Sunday with Meet the Press. There, NBC’s Chuck Todd chatted with Kerry on a number of issues of diplomacy with Russia, Ukraine, and the coalition’s status in fighting ISIS. Not surprisingly, Todd asked John Kerry about his plans for a presidential campaign. His response, while simple, spoke volumes.

“Nobody never says never.”

However, Kerry pointed out that he does not foresee any scenario “whatsoever” where he would begin a campaign to succeed Obama.

“I haven’t thought about it. And I’m, as you can tell, pretty busy.”

To Kerry’s point, given the current global crisis in Ukraine, as the embattled country takes on pro-Russian separatists, along with the constant threats from ISIS and extremist groups globally, his focus is to forge peace and liberation among American’s allies.

Any run for president from Kerry’s camp will be wrought with an uphill battle against the party’s presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton. Other lesser candidates mentioned in the field among possible Democratic challengers are Senator Elizabeth Warren, Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley, and current Vice President Joe Biden.

Kerry is no stranger to presidential elections. The nation’s top diplomat led the Democratic ticket, but lost in his challenge to then-President George W. Bush. And while Clinton has not officially made an announcement, current political tracking polls suggest she leads all Democratic challengers for president, John Kerry included, by a large margin.

Pollsters say John Kerry, should he throw his name in the hat again, must overcome challenges from Republican opponents who are likely to press him on his allegiance to Barack Obama. Additionally, Secretary Kerry’s legacy will likely be defined by how he handles the perception from growing propaganda that he is contributing to America’s weakened stance against radical extremism.

Although the United States is not currently fighting a war, Kerry’s term in office has been clouded by Vladimir Putin’s aggression towards Ukraine, Iran’s reluctance to reach an accord on its nuclear capability, the Israeli-Palestinian standoff, North Korea, and ISIL. Should Kerry run for president, many believe he’ll have a tough time convincing potential voters that the nation is winning in foreign policy initiatives.

[Image via: Wikimedia Commons]