Lady Gaga In Brandon Maxwell Dress At The 2015 Grammy Awards Wins Big Praise

For Lady Gaga fans who are used to seeing Lady Gaga wearing meat dresses, or crazy shoes without heels, or barely anything at all, are pleasantly surprised that Lady Gaga has chosen to wear a gown by Brandon Maxwell, part of the reason that the “Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell” tag is trending on Twitter at the moment.

This isn’t the first time that Lady Gaga has donned Brandon Maxwell, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The glittery silver creation still allowed Lady Gaga to showcase her ample cleavage via a plunging neckline and her legs through a big slit. Gaga has had Brandon Maxwell design looks for the mega-star in the past — and this latest creation was the talk of the Grammys red carpet, along with Madonna’s surprise bottom-baring “moon” flash that she gave to her red-carpet audience.

The photos of Lady Gaga on the red carpet show her hand in hand with with Broadway legend and collaborating partner Tony Bennett. The duo are set to perform a song on the Grammy Awards show. The fact that Lady Gaga chose to tone things down with her 2015 Grammys dress, as noted by the Huffington Post, perhaps shows a bit of maturity on her part, and fans seem to love the change — if their Twitter tweets about the topic are any indication, at least the ones that don’t claim Gaga looks like a porn star.

: Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell ” yesss mother monster

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell was by far the best dressed of the

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell with jewels by Lorraine Schwartz!

: Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell ” oh my GOD look at her

The best part about the gown is not only the gorgeous silver color, but the intricate design of the shell-shaped pattern from head to toe. Fans on social media are also praising Lady Gaga for her jewelry choices and her hairstyle that she paired with the Brandon Maxwell gown. As reported by the Inquisitr, those who want to watch Lady Gaga and others on the Grammy Awards can do so by watching the Grammys stream live online. One thing that Lady Gaga’s now famous gown shows off is that the Maxwell creation can provide quite a bit of support up top in a manner that seriously presses her down.

[Image via Huffington Post]