Jamal Lewis’ Super Bowl Ring Sells For Nearly $51,000 — See The Actual Auction Listing

A Super Bowl ring belonging to Jamal Lewis is causing big buzz online on Sunday, because it has just sold in an auction for big bucks. The Jamal Lewis Super Bowl ring that sold in an auction, according to ESPN, wasn’t one that Lewis received for playing in the Ravens’ Super Bowl XLVII game, since Jamal Lewis wasn’t a part of that game, but it was an honorary ring that Ravens owner Stephen Bisciotti gave to former Ravens legends like Lewis.

“Even though he had not played for Baltimore since 2006, former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis was still awarded a 2012 Super Bowl ring by the team for his long-standing affiliation with the franchise. (He still ranks as the team’s all-time leading rusher) and his induction to the Ravens Ring of Honor during the 2012 season.”

According to the actual listing of the ring on Gold in Auctions, a listing titled “LOT #39: Jamal Lewis 2012 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII Championship Ring With Original Presentation Box,” Lewis’ Super Bowl ring sold for $50,820 after 15 bids came in — starting with a minimum bid required of $15,000 for the ring. The listing itself goes into great detail about Jamal Lewis and his history as a leading rusher.

“Speaking of rings, this monster size-15 behemoth, manufactured by Jostens is made of solid 10K white gold, weighs 87.72 grams and contains 3.75 carats worth of diamonds. This is the same size and style ring that the players received, except Lewis’s ring contains ‘ROH’ on the side, standing for ‘Ring of Honor.’ “

Further details about the special Super Bowl ring can be found in the detailed listing that obviously worked to help sell the jewelry.

“Most of the diamonds are clustered into the shape of a sunken football stadium with a pair of diamond-studded Lombardi Super Bowl trophies super imposed over the top signifying the Ravens two Super Bowl victories. (Lewis was with the team for its first championship in 2000 and the Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in 2012). A diamond studded Ravens mascot runs across the top of the Super Bowl trophies.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, Lewis previously filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

“This spectacular Super Bowl ring is accompanied by paperwork from the pawn shop where Jamal Lewis pawned his rings.”

The fact that the listing for Jamal Lewis’ Super Bowl ring used the plural term “rings” makes readers question the potential other ring that Jamal might be selling as well.

[Image via Gold in Auctions]