‘The Walking Dead’ EP Believes Rick And Michonne Have A Connection

The return of AMC’s The Walking Dead will quickly make Sunday nights the most talked about night once again. AMC’s ever-growing show will return from its two-month hiatus this Sunday night at 9 p.m. Viewers will return to the apocalyptic drama that follows leader Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his large group of survivors. Walking Dead fans are also wondering if there will ever be any romance this season, especially for Rick and Michonne a.k.a. “Richonne.”

Walking Dead’s Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd gave some hints and clues about what’s ahead. Access Hollywood also asked the EP if there’s any love in the future for Richonne and the crew as Season 5 will roll out on Sunday nights on AMC.

Gale says that she sees Michonne as the kind of partner Rick needs. Walking Dead fans have already been seeing a romantic connection between the two characters. They have been given the couple name “Richonne” on several social media outlets. Gale apparently sees a connection between the Walking Dead characters as well. She believes that the characters are both strong, which makes them good for each other.

“Absolutely, because they’re strong, they are warriors. They’ve come to it from two different places and they know when difficult decisions need to be made, and they also want to do what’s right, which shows you also just how far Michonne’s character has come from when she first encountered Andrea.”

That’s not the only couple on The Walking Dead that Gale is shipping. She also believes that Daryl and Carol would make a good couple like Michonne and Rick. When asked by Access Hollywood if Rick to Michonne is what Daryl is to Carol, she responded, “I think so, absolutely.”

Gale Ann Hurd hinted that there will be love on Season 5 of The Walking Dead. She mentioned to Access that there will be couples other than Maggie and Glenn and Rosita and Abraham. Gale said (with a laugh) that love is what keeps The Walking Dead series alive and makes the apocalypse bearable for the characters.

“That’s what keeps the species alive and that’s what makes every moment even more valuable… when you find that special connection to another survivor.”

Richonne fans unite! In Season 4, it was revealed that Michonne was living in a camp with her son Andre before the zombie outbreak. She also lived with her lover, Mike, and a close friend and associate, Terry. One day, Mike and Terry got high while Michonne went out to fetch supplies. During that time, several walkers arrived to the camp, and the two men, along with Andre, met their demise.

Andre’s death shows fans why Michonne is so protective of Rick’s children, Carl and Judith. Walking Dead fans are hoping all of this motherly affection will help get her closer to Rick.

Romance authors Danielle Paige (Dorothy Must Die) and Tessa Bailey (Exposed by Faith) also believe that Richonne would make the perfect couple on The Walking Dead. Paige told USA Today that that Rick and Michonne should be together “because they’ve been through so much and would be ridiculously hot together.”

Bailey believes that Rick and Michonne “have already formed a family unit that includes Rick’s son, Carl.”

“Michonne came to us already hardened – and rightly so, since she’d been walking around with her zombie brothers on a chain for God knows how long. That tends to put a damper on one’s spirit! But as Rick has hardened as a character, Michonne has softened, and they’ve become a perfect balance for each other.”

The real Rick Grimes is also making a comeback, according to a report on the Inquisitr. Andrew Lincoln said that his character has snapped out of his “crazy” and is focused and ready to take on the next thing that will happen to the group. The star didn’t say exactly what will happen, but he did hint that things on The Walking Dead are going to get really crazy.

Walking Dead fans will have to just wait and see if Rick and Michonne will hook up. Season 5 of The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 18 at 9 p.m. on AMC. Watch the first two minutes of the mid-season premiere below.

[Image: Gene Page/AMC]