Seattle Snow Storm Expected to Be Crippling, Snowfall Expected Tonight Through Wednesday

Seattle, Washington- Although less than a foot snowfall seems par for the course in January in much of the US, Seattle is less prone to such extremes in winter weather, and expected snowfall from tonight through tomorrow morning is predicted to be “crippling” for the city and its surrounding regions.

Seattlites are not as used to the adverse driving conditions often experienced by those in the Midwest and Northeast, and city officials say all hands are on deck to ensure roads stay as safe as possible ahead of the region’s expected snowmageddon- with snowfall expected to be the heaviest it’s been as far back as three decades. Spokesman for the Seattle Department of Transportation Rick Sheridan said earlier this week:

“We are deploying the entire fleet to apply rock salt to the roads so they will be available to use tomorrow. We don’t want drivers waking up to discover streets iced over.”

Anywhere from “trace amounts” of snow to nine inches fell across the region Sunday night, and an additional inch or so is expected to add to the slushy mess- dubbed “slushmageddon” in the area- over the next day or so. Department of Transit spokesman Bart Treece said that drivers need to exercise caution when heading out in the snow and slush to avoid weather-related accidents:

“We need people to drive appropriately for the conditions. Don’t drive too fast. Give yourself enough room. We need them to bring their winter driving game with them.”

Of the preventative measures on roadways being undertaken by the city, Treece says:

“We’re hitting them several times- hitting them hard.”

Have you experienced any major snow in your region so far this year?