Scheana Marie Accused Of Cultural Appropriation And 'Blackfishing' In New Photo

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie took to Instagram to post a photo featuring a giveaway that would benefit a non-profit organization, but her message was pushed to the side after fans accused her of cultural appropriation.

As Hollywood Life reports, the photo shows Scheana wearing a black hoodie and large gold hoops. Her hair is pulled up to the top of her head in four braids, with her long brown locks falling down back and shoulders. But what concerned some followers was the appearance of her skin, which some said looked darker than usual.

"She looks like Ross in the tanning episode…definitely a bit too far," said one person, referencing a Friends episode where Ross got over-tanned in a self-tanning booth.

One compared her to trying to take a page out of the Kardashian sisters' "handbook." But others went even further.

"omg. blackfishing, seriously?" wrote one person.

The comment was immediately supported by several other people who said that they'd had the same thought. Some fans jumped to the reality TV star's defense, saying that she was naturally tan. But the original poster defended their stance, saying that they were Black but would never "pull what she's doing."

Another person commented that as a white woman, Scheana doesn't face the criticism that Black women can get for wearing their hair in braids.

Scheana came to her own defense after the comment continued to garner attention.

"My skin isn't even darkening here. I'm half Mexican and tan. It's also the lighting. Ask my friend @clintbrandoncave who took the pic!" she wrote.

She went on to say that she had chosen the hair style for several reasons.

"If they saw my vlog too they'd know why I have the braids and they're called Dutch braids too," she wrote.

Later, she added, "also I had to get stitches in my scalp which is the main reason for the 4."

The post was meant to support The Conscious Kid, which is a non-profit that works to help fight racism, likely prompting some of the comments.

Not all of the responses to her look were negative. Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn complimented her hair and recording artist Mikey P praised her tan. Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier posted a series of fire emoji.

It's not the first time this month that the reality star has faced criticism over issues of race. She recently posted a photo with Jasmine Goode from The Bachelor, but commenters accused of her using her Black friend as a way to appear inclusive.