WWE News: Latest Update On The Rock’s Status For ‘WrestleMania 31’ And His WWE Future

The WWE’s most electric superstar in history made a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He came out to defend his cousin, Roman Reigns, and make sure he would go to WrestleMania 31 and win the WWE World Heavyweight championship. The Rock shocked the world when his music hit at WWE’s Royal Rumble, and the WWE Universe didn’t want him to see him go so swiftly.

Since he did make a surprise return and his status at WrestleMania is in question, will the WWE Universe see another appearance from the Rock at WrestleMania 31? According to DailyWrestlingNews.com, the “Great One’s” status for WrestleMania doesn’t look promising.

“With every new movie that was announced for The Rock last year, along came more speculation that he would be too busy to make a return at WWE’s WrestleMania 31 this year. There was some hope after Rock showed up in the main event of the Royal Rumble but word is that it’s now official that he will not be working the biggest show of the year due to his filming obligations in Hollywood.

“WWE did make a big pitch to Rock, one that included a significant amount of money, but they were just not able to make it work.”

The article also points out that if Rock were to wrestle for the WWE in the near future, his producers in Hollywood would worry about his health. Anything can happen in the WWE, which is a cause for concern with writers, producers, and directors in his film career. Right now, the Rock is filming a new project for HBO that will debut within the next year. There are no more details on that project right now.

With the Rock out of WWE’s WrestleMania 31, will any other part-time star show up at the “Granddaddy of Them All?” The WWE is already dropping hints that Sting and the Undertaker will both appear at WrestleMania 31. For WWE fantasy matchmakers, they will not be wrestling each other. That’s rumored to occur next year at WrestleMania 32.

As for the Rock, if his schedule weren’t so busy, then a chance would pop up for him to wrestle at WrestleMania 31. His work ethic and shape are at an all-time high, so that wouldn’t halt him from another comeback. When he and Triple H got into a discussion backstage, it looked like the two men would wrestle in the future.

Unfortunately, that will not happen this year. The only possibility the Rock has for making another return would be to congratulate his cousin, Roman Reigns, on his first-ever WWE World Heavyweight championship victory over Brock Lesnar.

It’s a bit apparent that Lesnar will do “the job” to Reigns at wrestling’s biggest stage. When the confetti comes down, cue the Rock’s music. At least that’s what the WWE Universe would want.

[Image via sportskeeda.com]