‘The Voice’ Season 8: Will Maroon 5’s ‘V’ Tour Interfere With Show’s Premiere?

Adam Levine is a busy, busy man. Not only is he appearing on Season Eight of The Voice, NBC’s top rated singing competition, but his band, Maroon 5 is also kicking off their world tour at the same time!

So will the timing of Maroon 5’s V tour affect his appearances on the show? Apparently not. In a recent promotional teaser for The Voice, Adam appears throughout, ready and able to taunt his fellow coaches Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams. Adam is seen joking with Aguilera and Pharrell Williams, while also taking shots from fellow coach and friend Blake Shelton. Nowhere in the video is he not seen with the other Voice judges

Further aiding in the situation is the fact that initial Voice tapings can be prerecorded, allowing Adam the freedom to tour with Maroon 5. However, at some point, the show will switch to live episodes where contestants will sing with their coaches. This was the case last season when Adam Levine and runner-up Matthew McAndrew teamed up to perform the Oscar nominated track “Lost Stars.”

However, a review of the Maroon 5 web site appears to show a large gap in dates on the V tour schedule during the months of April and May. This coincides directly with the timing of the live Voice tapings that would likely occur during those specific months. Meanwhile, Maroon 5 will hit over a dozen cities during the months of February and March when The Voice episodes have already been recorded.

There are even back-to-back shows scheduled for Maroon 5 to play Madison Square Garden in late March, offering even more opportunities for Adam Levine’s schedule to overlap. The Voice films in New York City.

So while it appears unlikely The Voice and Maroon 5’s V tour will create any scheduling conflicts for Adam, the fact remains that Levine is doing a lot of different jobs at once. So has Adam ever thought about quitting The Voice after seven successful seasons to focus primarily on his band? According to TV Guide, the Maroon 5 singer claims that was never an option, calling The Voice an experience that has changed his life in a “profound” way.

“I don’t know how it happened. But the show changed my perspective on a lot of things,” Adam claims. “It was so much fun getting into the show and loving it and still loving it after seven seasons. I don’t know how it happened but I’m really enjoying it.”

Meanwhile, fellow judge Christina Aguilera, who is returning the show after a lengthy hiatus, seemed to echo those sentiments in the promotional video Levine was featured in as reported by Inquistr.

“Coming back to The Voice by now is almost like coming back home,” Christina said during the clip. “With every season that I step away, I grow as a person and that has to affect my coaching.”

[Adam Levine image via YouTube]