Floyd Mayweather Jr. — His Prima Donna Demands: Endless Gummi Bear Supply, Barber At 3 AM

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. supplied an Australian promoter with an eye-opening list of demands for his prospective Australian tour, demands that paint the trash-talking boxing champ as petty prima donna — with a 31-person entourage.

Fortunately for Max Markson, the Aussie publicist behind the Australian appearance by the undefeated welterweight who has nicknamed himself “Money” Mayweather, the Australian government refused to grant a visa to Mayweather. That decision aborted the scheduled swing through Melbourne and Sydney, where Mayweather planned to charge admirers up to $1,000 for the privilege of attending lavish dinners and nightclubs where he would be present.

Citing Mayweather’s 2012 domestic violence conviction, Australia’s Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash turned down the 37-year-old boxer’s visa application — a decision that Markson has vowed to fight.

But if Markson is successful, he will still need to contend with Mayweather’s lengthy and extravagant list of personal requirements, which include a variety of demands ranging from top-of-the-line hotel accommodations for the fighter’s massive crew of yes-men and hangers-on — which included a recent winner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant — to a presidential suite stocked with a never-ending supply of Gummi Bears and M&M candies.

Failure to properly keep the supplies stocked would result in Markson paying Mayweather a hefty “fine.”

Also on the long list of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. demands, a barber trained in African-American hairstyles who would be on call 24 hours per day — though Mayweather himself shaves his head.

“How can you possibly guarantee you can find a barber like that three in the morning? Because that’s exactly when Floyd would ask and there’d be all manner of drama when it didn’t happen,” said a source close to the now-canceled tour, in an interview with Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. “Also, he’s bald, so what was the point?”

The list of bizarre demands was the second time in a month that the public received a look into Mayweather’s strange private life. A book by one of his former top aides recently detailed the boxer’s fondness for strippers and obsession with “germs.”

Mayweather also demanded a limitless stock of Cristal brand champagne in his hotel presidential suite, along with fresh fruit and fruit juices.

The Floyd Mayweather entourage also came with the boxer’s personal DJs, who would be solely responsible for selecting all music played in the nightclubs where Mayweather was scheduled to appear. But Mayweather refused to have his picture taken with fans at the high-priced events.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. had allegedly promised to hold a press conference during the Australian tour at which he supposedly would announce his long-awaited fight against Manny Pacquiao, but the source speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald was skeptical, calling that Mayweather promise “a tease.”