'Battlefield Hardline' Beta: What You Should Try, What You Should Know

The Battlefield Hardline beta launched on February 2, and while there isn't much time until it goes away again, there are some things you should know and definitely some things to try before Battlefield Hardline is packed up and put away until its official release. The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to the Battlefield Hardline beta is that it's available on the Xbox One, the PS4, and the PC. This means there is no reason for any of your friends not to download the game and play the Battlefield Hardline right alongside you.

The thing to keep in mind when playing the Battlefield Hardline beta is that you can get into a game against just about anybody using "quick match" or you can indeed invite a massive number of friends into a private match. While the open beta has brought quite a bit of complaints from gamers who were hoping to see a bit more original and even maybe a bit of the storyline, being able to use dedicated servers to take on a buddy is a nice touch.

That is the second thing anyone looking to try out the Battlefield Hardline beta before it goes away on February 8 needs to know. This glimpse into the game isn't going to give anyone a look at what the single player mode has to offer. Rather, you will only be able to try out three multiplayer modes. Those modes are Heist, Conquest, and Hotwire. All of the modes feature the ability to play as either cops or bad guys, though there doesn't seem to be an easy way to decide which side you'll fight on in the lobbies. Instead, it appears to be an automatic assignment that alternates after each match.

Among the neat things you can try to do when it comes to the Battlefield Hardline modes is taking down a giant crane. While the background doesn't bend to bullets all that often, there is a video of how players can take this particular part of the scenery out in spectacular fashion. Speaking of spectacular views, or the lack thereof, the Battlefield Hardline beta is being offered up at different resolutions depending on the medium. Attack of the Fanboy reports that Battlefield Hardline has a resolution of 720p on the Xbox One and 900p on the PS4. This means that previous assurances that Battlefield Hardline would run at 1080p have been proven false.