Little Girl’s Heavy Metal ABC Song Goes Viral [Video]

An enterprising dad has come up with a way to make learning the ABCs fun for his little girl. He just sets them to some head banging music and lets her scream A-B-C-D to her heart's content -- and she is rocking the internet with her heavy metal version of the alphabet.

This YouTube video posted by the dad earlier this week shows an innocent-looking little girl sitting on her dad's lap after her bath, angrily shouting the ABC song and rocking out to some heavy metal tunes.

And we can see by the video that she definitely knows her ABCs -- she just chooses not to sing the alphabet song it in the sing-song way we are used to seeing 2-year-olds do it in.

She is really getting into it too, because when the music stops, she is ready to do it again.

The cute video, which contains no information about the dad or the little girl except a simple message saying "My 2 year old daughter getting angry with her alphabet after bathtime," was picked up by media outlets such as ABC News and Milwaukee local FOX affiliate, FOX6. Now it is going viral, with more than 300,000 views since it was posted on February 4.

Rock those ABCs, little girl!

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[Image via ABC News]