TNA News: TNA Wrestling Expected To Offer Massive Contract To Rey Mysterio Once He's Released From WWE

In an unsurprising turn of events, it looks like TNA Wrestling wants to yet again offer an extremely high contract to a soon-to-be former WWE Superstar. Rey Mysterio is hoping to get his WWE release in the next month, but right now, both sides are simply coming to terms. We haven't seen the masked luchador in a WWE ring for about a year, so sadly we probably won't get a big last match with him.

TNA feels that they can snag Rey if they offer him a big enough contract. They plan to go after him immediately following his WWE release. According to the Daily Wrestling News, TNA targeted Alberto Del Rio, now going by Alberto El Patron, months ago when he left WWE. They offered him a massive contract that would also include immediate main event status. They were willing to crown him TNA World Champion almost right away, in fact.

They are willing to offer Mysterio something similar if not more. People close to Rey feel he will be heading to AAA as well as Lucha Underground to wrestle a part-time schedule. He has no desire to jump into another long-term, full-time contract. You can't really blame the guy. He's been with WWE for over a decade and only got some off time when injured. You'd imagine that he'd like to stay out of a long-term deal. He has made a lot of money in WWE, so there would be no reason he'd have to get involved in a big deal.

Rey Rey is by no means the wrestler he once was, but he is still able to contribute. He still has something to give to Lucha Underground or AAA in that he is a big name that would draw money for them regardless of how many matches he wrestled. Lucha is a very new promotion that could use such exposure. Alberto El Patron is also now under contract with them.

TNA offered him a large deal that he turned down for similar reasons that Mysterio would. He likes the freedom and part-time ability. El Patron also wants to get involved in MMA, which he couldn't do to the best of his abilities in TNA.

While Bobby Lashley does perfectly fine doing both, not everyone can do this. Meanwhile, when it comes to Rey, he simply wants to spend more time with his family while also doing what he loves. So, sadly, TNA will not land either of these men as of now.

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