Songwriter Who Discovered Lady Gaga Wins $7.3 Million Lawsuit

The unique and flamboyant personality of Lady Gaga has entertained and enthralled fans since the start of her high-profile singing career in 2006. A feud between the initial team who signed Lady Gaga into super stardom has ended this week in a New Jersey courtroom with a $7.3 million verdict.

Wendy Starland, a Hollywood songwriter, worked for record producer Rob Fusari in 2006. Starland was given the task of scouting for new singing talent that would be “edgy, bold, confident, charismatic and ‘someone that you can’t take your eyes off of.'”

As part of her testimony, the songwriter stated that in March of 2006, she attended a concert at The Cutting Room in New York City where Lady Gaga, then known simply as Stefani Germanotta, was performing. She presented Lady Gaga to Fusari as the hot new talent he had requested. Anyone familiar with the career of Lady Gaga can see that Starland not only met the qualifications specified when she discovered Lady Gaga, but she hit the ball out of the park. Lady Gaga was signed to a record deal just a few months later.

According to ABC News, in a 2011 deposition, Lady Gaga supported Wendy Starland’s testimony.

“My understanding was that Wendy and him had initially agreed upon 50/50 perhaps before Wendy ever found me, and after I was signed to Rob and made music, Rob began to change his mind.”

In November of last year, the discoverer of Lady Gaga was awarded $7.3 million. Certainly a justified verdict, considering the wildly successful career of Lady Gaga, which has not lagged and indeed continues to gain momentum.

Apparently, Rob Fusari did not want to share. He appealed the court to reduce the amount awarded to the Lady Gaga discoverer, citing a lack of evidence presented at trial, but to no avail. This week, a federal judge upheld the ruling in favor of Starland.

U.S. District Court Judge Jose Linares found no reason to overthrow the previous verdict, which left Fusari defeated.

“The jury’s decision based on the evidence cannot be said to have been excessive or clearly unsupported by the evidence or indicative of manifest injustice and is not shocking to the court.”

Music fans across the world can thank Wendy Starland for recognizing the amazing voice and passion for wild and energetic performing that is Lady Gaga. If she had not discovered Lady Gaga, Fusari would not have been able to sign her. Do you think the lawsuit was warranted? Why or why not?

[Image via Celebrity Gossip]