February 6, 2015
Watch As 84-Year-Old Grandma Goes Bowling For The First Time, Gets A Strike [Video]

An 84-year-old Italian grandmother goes bowling for the first time and gets a strike. The entire bowling alley roars with excitement as the woman finds a hidden talent.

In the video, you can watch as an 84-year-old grandma bowls for the very first time. In the beginning of the video you can see that she doesn't even know how to correctly hold the bowling ball. A woman stands next to her showing her where each finger goes in the ball. The grandma then walks slowly towards her lane and lets the ball go. She watches patiently as the bowling ball gently rolls down the lane towards the bowling pins. To the woman's surprise, the ball hits the pins perfectly and the grandma gets a strike.

The entire bowling alley can be heard cheering for the woman who discovered her bowling talent at the age of 84. It should be noted that this grandma not only has killer bowling skills, but also has some pretty amazing style as well. The woman's fur-lined coat and matching black glasses prove she is skilled in more areas than just bowling. She definitely puts a new spin on bowling alley fashion.

In other bowling news, Tara Reid went bowling shirtless as a tribute to the movie that launched her career, The Big Lebowski. The actress can be seen at San Francsco's Lucky Strike bowling alley wearing nothing but white jeans and a bra. The image was captioned with ""#bunnylebowski just got a strike."

What do you think of the grandma's bowling skills?