February 6, 2015
'Stop A Douchebag' Russian Youth Movement Puts Drivers In Their Place, Which Is Not On The Sidewalk [Video]

A Russian youth movement, aptly named "Stop a Douchebag," is attempting to reclaim the sidewalk for pedestrians. Apparently, in Russia, there are drivers who are in such a hurry that they cut across large portions of sidewalk to pass traffic. Pedestrians are forced to move out of the way as the cars come barreling through the area. Russian police are not doing anything to stop the obnoxious drivers, so citizens are taking it into their own hands.

In the video above, you can watch as people address the drivers who are using the sidewalk as a road. Some drivers simply apologize and move back to the road. However, others become irate when the pedestrians refuse to move, some even threatening to kill the protesters. As AutoBlog notes, Russia is the "wild freaking west" when it comes to drivers.

To combat the problem, a group of people can be seen forming a line across the sidewalk as cars approach the area. They inform the drivers that "this is a sidewalk" and ask them to please move back to the road. Many of the drivers back out without incident. However, many of the drivers attempt to push through the line of pedestrians which causes "Stop a Douchebag" protesters to place a large sticker over their windshield. What does the sticker say?

"I don't care for anyone else, I drive where I please."
The sticker is not easy to get off and one woman even threatens to "f***ing kill" the pedestrians if they put the sticker on her car. They do it anyway and the woman proceeds to steal a bottle of water from a passing by walker to attempt to remove the sticker. The walker tries to take her water bottle back, and the irate driver then squirts her with the water. The sticker will not come off and the woman eventually backs onto the road again.

What do you think about the inconsiderate Russian drivers using the sidewalk as a road?