Myleene Klass Accused Of Publicity Stunt After Kids' Birthday Gift Emails Stir Controversy

Myleene Klass reportedly spends £5,000 (US$ 7,623) per term to send her seven-year-old daughter to an independent school in north London. Two of her fellow mums sent out emails to the entire class, each asking for contributions to their respective children's birthday gifts. They requested a voluntary gift of £10 (US$ 15) or, alternatively, each parent could provide their own individual present.

Klass tweeted out the emails and her sarcastic response. She changed the names of the parents and children to protect their privacy, but nonetheless got her point across. The television presenter and crossover classical/pop musician called it "bonkers."

Klass' tweets were picked up by media outlets such as the Telegraph, which compared the incident to the recent story of a five-year-old boy whose parents were invoiced when he was a no-show to a birthday party.

Now, new details are emerging about the tweets sent by Klass. Although the dates suggest the emails are new, the Mirror reports they were actually written a year ago. That has led some to suggest she tweeted the screen shots now to gain publicity.

One parent told the Telegraph that Klass was seeking press as her presence at the school is not drawing the attention it once did.

"It is bang out of order. These are old class emails from a year ago. We have all noticed that the paparazzi are no longer outside the school taking her picture like they used to be every morning. Perhaps she needed to get some attention. The press have certainly all been back here today."
Parents have emailed the head of the school to complain about Klass' use of private emails for her own gain, according to the Mirror. Myleene Klass was also personally confronted on the playground when she arrived at the school to pick up her child. One mother asked of Klass: "Why did you do it, Myleene? Why?" to which Klass responded: "If you've got a problem with it, talk to me in private."

Some parents explained that the reason for the gift contribution was to make it easier on everyone. With this system, no one is obligated to buy expensive presents that a child may or may not want.

Another parent was clear that Klass has upset those whom she might depend on for her daughter's wellbeing.

"She has betrayed our confidences and belittled us so publicly... She isn't going to have any friends left and we are the ones she relies on to pick up her daughter for her when she is late."
[Myleene Klass image Ben Pruchnie/Getty via CNN]