Jane Fonda Gets Into Social Media

Actress Jane Fonda is getting into the world of social media with a new blog and Twitter profile. Excited?

Jane Fonda’s Blog

Fonda’s blog, built within her JaneFonda.com site, will initially focus on her return to Broadway with her role in the play “33 Variations.” The site will offer pictures, videos, and Fonda’s insights into the play, her preprations, and her life.

Fonda plans to keep fans up-to-speed via Twitter as well. Her profile there, @janefonda, has been quietly active since mid-January. Fonda’s using Twhirl and seems to be interacting with other users a decent amount thus far.

Social media “evangelist” James Andrew is acting as a consultant in Fonda’s new media endeavors. “James is the one who convinced me to blog,” Fonda said in a statement. “He pointed out to me that there’s such malarkey floating around the net about me. Why not begin to tell my own story, my thoughts, and activities (past, present and future) rather than letting others–sometimes hostile others–try to put out their own spin on me.”

Here’s hoping she and MC Hammer hit it off online.