Avril Lavigne Headed For Divorce?

Now that she’s back in the spotlight returning after a mysterious illness, so are the rumors that Avril Lavigne and lead singer of Nickelback, Chad Kroeger’s marriage is over.

Lavigne married the 40-year-old Kroeger, her second marriage, on July 1, 2013, and recently it seems like the two are not a happy couple.

According to Classicalite, now that Lavigne is healthy, she is pining for her ex, Brody Jenner.

Sources say that the Canadian pop star has been “openly talking about how much she misses her Keeping Up with the Kardashians ex-boyfriend,” although the rock band frontman “claims that more often than not they find the nonsense printed in the tabloids to be amusing.”

This has for obvious reasons caused a whole lot of friction for the couple along with rumors that Lavigne wants to start a family but Kroeger doesn’t.

According to iSchool Guide, “There are also pictures circulating that both Avril and Chad have been spotted out and about separately without their wedding rings.”

If that’s true, this would be the second divorce for Lavigne. Lavigne married another Canadian rocker, Deryk Whibley of the band Sum 41. The two were married from 2006 to 2010 before a very messy divorce. So messy that, “her friends want her to make sure she’s given it every chance before pulling the plug” on her current marriage.

As of now, Kroeger and Lavigne are denying any splits and both are busy working.

Lavigne has just recently released her latest venture, “Give You What You Like.” The song “is featured in the upcoming Lifetime movie Babysitter’s Black Book, and scenes from the film are included in the video,” says US Weekly.

This is the first time the “Complicated” singer has released anything new or even been in the public eye in months. Lavigne made comments on Twitter months ago that she was suffering from some mysterious illness.

Kroeger and Lavigne both received multiple nominations for Canada’s Juno Awards on March 15 in Hamilton, Ontario.

I guess only time will tell if the “Hello Kitty” collaborators, Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne, can keep their marriage going.

[Photo Courtesy of Billboard]