Brad Pitt Less Popular Than Putin In World’s Most Admired Man Poll

Brad Pitt might be a tad upset at coming after Russian President Vladimir Putin in the ranking for the World’s Most Admired Man. However, he will be pleased to hear his lovely wife Angelina Jolie is the most admired woman in Russia and, in fact, the entire world.

According to the Moscow Times, Putin is the 11th most admired man in the world, while Brad is number 13 on the list.

According to the poll run by YouGov, the top listed most popular man and woman in the world are billionaire businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates along with actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. Jolie is also the most admired woman in Russia, incidentally, while Putin is, naturally, the most admired man in that country.

YouGov ran the poll over a mix of 25,000 Internet users, in 23 different countries, which apparently represent “nearly two-thirds of the world’s population,” according to the pollsters.

“Some parts of the world were better represented than others, so we weighted up the impact certain countries had on the final scores.”

YouGov first of all asked respondents to make a list of their most admired people in the world. Once the list was compiled, they were then asked to pick their most popular names and cast their vote.

According to YouGov, and not surprising to some, they have discovered that humanitarians are more admired in the world than top world leaders and that includes Queen Elizabeth II and U.S. President Barack Obama.

Despite this, however, in the worldwide ranking, Gates was followed by Obama who was, apparently, in almost every country’s top ten and most popular in his home country. After him came Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is very popular at home and only received a high score in his own country.

As stated, Angelina Jolie took first place for the most popular woman worldwide and was followed by Malala Yousafzai, 17, the Pakistani education activist and youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in the history of the prize. Third was U.S. politician Hilary Clinton.

Further down the lists were various other world leaders, along with sports stars and other celebrities. The full list for each country can be viewed on the YouGov website.

Speaking of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the Inquisitr reported Friday on the secret of how the famous couple are keeping their marriage happy and alive.

[Image: Angelina Jolie CC by-SA Gage Skidmore, Bill Gates CC by-SA World Economic Forum, Brad Pitt CC 2.0 SpreePiX]