February 6, 2015
'Scandal' Spoilers: 'Full Circle' Brings In Old Pal To Help As Olivia Is Put Up For Auction

Thursday night on Scandal, Olivia Pope found a way to change up her dire situation. Faced with being held hostage for the next three years to control Fitz in his presidency, Olivia did what she does best: she came up with a plan. Just as Jake and a team found where she had been held, Olivia and her captor, Ian, were on a plane calling the president. What Scandal spoilers are available for the next episode airing on February 12?

The Season 4, Episode 12 show is titled "Full Circle." As fans saw, Olivia put forth an opportunity for Ian that was simply too intriguing to ignore. She's setting herself up to be sold to the highest bidder, but she knows that this is also going to help Jake, Huck, and Quinn pinpoint her location. It's a gutsy move, but will she be able to control the outcome?

The Scandal spoiler synopsis via TV Guide teases that Olivia will outsmart her captor, but only temporarily. That would certainly make it sound as if either Ian catches on to her motivations regarding her plan, or he makes a move that she can't work around.

Quinn, Huck, and Jake are still scrambling to find Olivia. They will turn to an old pal for assistance, and this is apparently someone viewers know but haven't seen since early in the show's run. While Olivia's mama, Maya, is shown in the preview, she can hardly be considered an old pal and she's popped up fairly regularly. Most would imagine that the title of the episode, "Full Circle," ties into this return, but specific details are still under wraps for now.

The Scandal spoiler preview teases that it's quickly becoming a billion-dollar auction on the black net for Olivia and control of the presidency, but who will win? Will she manage to drop enough breadcrumbs for Jake, Quinn, and Huck to find her before Ian sells her off?

Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn, teased via Twitter that next week's episode is something else, and Tony Goldwin, who plays Fitz, adds that next week there's plenty more craziness. As Fitz is pushed to his limits regarding Olivia being missing and the new war in West Angola, Cyrus will take control.

Darby Stanchfield, who plays Abby, teased via TVLine that the first four episodes back, and the next episode will be the third, contain "the most freakin' hugest surprise" that long-time viewers "are going to freak out over." She adds that fans of the first season will definitely lose their minds. While some of this is certainly related to Liv's captivity, many suspect this "old pal" could be a big surprise and treat.

Stanchfield's dish is definitely an intriguing tease, and fans are racking their brains sorting through possibilities. While it could be expecting too much, could it be that Henry Ian Cusick returns in the role of Stephen Finch to help Jake, Quinn, and Huck find Olivia? It would certainly fit the teases though the actor has been busy playing Councillor Marcus Kane on The 100. Finch was an integral character in that first season, and fans were hugely disappointed when he left for other projects after that debut season.

Fans seem a bit divided on these first couple of episodes back this winter, but the shows are definitely generating a lot of buzz. When will Olivia Pope be back on her home turf? How will it all play out? The "Full Circle" episode of Scandal airs on ABC on Thursday, February 12, and fans cannot wait.

[Image via The Wrap]