Hilarious Photoshopped Photos Of Zimbabwe Dictator Robert Mugabe Falling Go Viral!

Robert Mugabe, the 90-year-old authoritarian ruler of Zimbabwe was recently in the news for a gaffe that showed him tripping and falling down the steps of a podium. The Inquisitr earlier reported that several security officers surrounding Mugabe ordered journalists and photographers assembled there to delete the photographs that showed Mugabe tripping. However, many of the photos eventually ended up on the Internet. In fact, the controversial decision by Mugabe’s security men to try and censor these images seems to have created a backlash of sorts and has only increased their tendency to be shared far and wide on the internet.

Much to the annoyance of the Mugabe regime, several images have been altered and photoshopped in hilarious ways and are being shared on Twitter and Facebook as we file this story.

We have selected some of the most hilarious ones below.

It is unclear if Robert Mugabe will try to censor and take down these images too. However, it is extremely unlikely that he would be able to do so because all the sites operate outside of Zimbabwe and are not bound by Zimbabwean law.

Anyway, which one of the above images do you think is the most hilarious of them all? Also, this might as well be a reminder for people who try to suppress information from spreading over the internet. More than once, it has been proven that the harder you try to suppress things on the internet, the faster it is likely to spread. Robert Mugabe and team seem to have learned this lesson the hard (or rather, funny) way!

[Images via Twitter.]