Kylie Jenner Pregnant By Tyga, But Had An Abortion, Claims Report

Rumors claimed Kylie Jenner was pregnant by Tyga at one point, and, although the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars denies the veracity of these reports, now it’s being claimed Kylie had a secret abortion which will be revealed in an upcoming book.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Bruce Jenner’s mother, Esther, revealed that he really is wanting to become a woman as rumors claimed for months. Not everyone in the family is happy about this idea. Kris Jenner is allegedly trying to pull together a “family intervention” regarding Bruce’s sex change.

Reports over Kylie Jenner’s abortion are actually not new. Last year, when it was first claimed the much older Tyga had managed to get Kylie pregnant, Blackberg TV claimed it was possible she visited an obstetrician shortly before having an abortion.

“Kylie Jenner is apparently pregnant and was seen yesterday leaving the obstetricians office; the same office that delivered Kim and Kanye’s baby North West. If she actually is pregnant, given that we’ve gotten this story from a mostly credible source, I’m pretty confident that she is going to get an abortion. After all, Tyga would likely be indicted for statutory rape and impregnating a minor.”

As reported by Media Takeout, OK Magazine is claiming Scott Disick is working on a “tell all” book in which he writes about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy.

“It’s one of the Kardashian’s worst secrets that Kylie Jenner, 17, is dating rapper Tyga, 25… but what the clan HAS managed to keep under wraps is that Kylie was almost a parent herself.”

Kylie allegedly panicked and asked Disick for advice. The article then implies that Jenner decided to get an abortion, but already it is said she is not being careful.

“Scott warned her to be careful, but she went right back to her old ways.”

Such rumors have also claimed the in the past that Kylie is planning on dropping out of school due to being pregnant. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kylie already responded to that bit of gossip.

“I haven’t dropped out of school. I still go to school every day. I want to keep doing what I do now. I love fashion … I have a lot of interests I’m pursuing.”

Rumors of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy were not directly addressed, though, and she has not discussed whether or not she wants children at an early age. Instead, she indirectly responded by retweeting an old message from Kim Kardashian which said, “No, I’m not pregnant.”