Patricia Velasquez A Lesbian, Memoir Reveals Sandra Bernhard Relationship

Patricia Velasquez has come out as a lesbian in her new memoir, while she’s also revealed that she was deeply in love with actress Sandra Bernhard.

The 44-year-old Venezuelan model makes the revelation for the first time in her upcoming book, Straight Walk, where she explains that she was in a relationship with the comedian during the 90s.

Patricia Velasquez, who has previously modeled for the likes of Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret, and Chanel, explained that she came to the conclusion she was a lesbian thanks to her relationship with Bernhard.

However, when she and The King Of Comedy star split, she didn’t handle it well. In fact, she admitted that she ended up weeping for two years.

The mother of one has decided to come out in order to set a good example for her eight-year-old daughter, Maya. She also hopes to inspire a change in the Latin community towards homosexuals, too.

The New York Post was the first to make the revelation regarding Patricia Velasquez’s sexual orientation. The publication revealed that Velasquez had never kissed a woman before she met Bernhard.

The openly bisexual comedian and actress allegedly invited Patricia Velasquez up to her hotel, which is where they first “hooked up.”

The South American writes, “I was deeply in love with Sandra in a way I’d never experienced before.” However, their relationship isn’t believed to have lasted too long. This didn’t stop the pain over its demise being ferocious for Velasquez, though, as she admitted that she was so heart-broken she “cried for two years.”

Patricia Velasquez, who was at the height of her fame when she began her courtship with Bernhard, admitted that it has been “torturous” keeping this secret for so long.

Velasquez went on to explain to Yahoo Parenting that she ultimately began a new relationship with a woman, named Lauren. This lasted for eight years, and saw Lauren give birth to their child, Maya.

The model also revealed that she is now dating a woman named Ileanna, and they have been together for a year. However, despite having been in three relationships with women, Velasquez admitted that it was still hard to make the announcement. But she was adamant that it’s the right thing to do.

“It’s very difficult to face your past, so I put off doing anything like this for a long time. But as my daughter started growing up and I was teaching her to be honest and proud, I knew it was time for me to set an example — and that meant facing my truth.”

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