‘Legend Of Zelda For Wii U’: Here’s What We Know

If you’re a gamer of a certain age, there’s nothing quite like playing a Legend of Zelda game, following Link around in his green outfit and jaunty hat. With 17 official games over the various consoles of Nintendo’s design, the announcement in January 2013 that Legend of Zelda would come to the Wii U was greeted with enthusiasm.

Many sources have reported that Zelda will be released for the Wii U in 2015, and PC Advisor noticed that on Walmart’s website, there is a listing for “Zelda 2,” which states that it will ship on October 1st.

PC Advisor notes that there are other preorder options out there, as well, but advises holding off.

“We’d suggest that it’s worth waiting a few months before pre-ordering The Legend of Zelda for Wii U though, as it’s possible that special collectors editions and pre-order bonus bundles will be announced in the coming months that you won’t want to miss out on.”

This next installment of Legend of Zelda will be the 18th title in the series. PC Advisor notes that it will be one of only two titles with HD graphics; the other was a Wii U remake of a title for GameCube, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The new game will also feature an open world design, which has many fans excited.

The Legend of Zelda designer Eiji Aonuma has explained that the developers have decided to go for an open world game to give the players more freedom, rather than defining exactly where the player must go, and where they must enter and exit dungeons, for example.

If you’re too excited to wait for the new Legend of Zelda title to release this fall, grab your 3DS, because there are a variety of exclusive titles releasing this year, according to TwinFinite. The first, releasing on February 13, is a remake of the Zelda classic, Majora’s Mask 3D.

The only thing I care about is the legend of Zelda

— Jessica Kuver (@JessicaKuver) February 5, 2015

Which Wii U games are you looking forward to in 2015? Legend of Zelda, the next Mario Kart, or something entirely different?