Incubus Debuts ‘Absolution Calling’ With Lyric Video

Popular rock band Incubus has just released their new single, “Absolution Calling.”

Multiple reports have confirmed that Incubus will be releasing two new EPs as the follow-up to the 2011 LP If Not Now, When? later this year. “Absolution Calling” will be featured on one of the two new EPs.

Incubus decided to debut another new song, “Trust Fall,” back in December during a concert.

Consequence of Sound reports that the first of the two follow-up EPs could become available as soon as later this month, but the second EP is not expected to be released until the summer.

Some of the other new tracks that will be released by Incubus include “Dance Like You’re Dumb” and “Make Out Party.”

Incubus provided their fans and followers with a tease of “Absolution Calling” on Monday through their official Facebook page. However, the official release of the full-length version of the song was scheduled for Thursday morning.

It did not take very long for Incubus fans and critics to react to the new single on Twitter.

The new @IncubusBand song is dope! #Incubus

— Name cannot be blank (@SuitandLie) February 5, 2015

What do you think about the new Incubus single? Will “Absolution Calling” become another hit for the longtime rock band?

[Image Credit: Rockadictos]