WWE News: Men Who Really Booked The WWE Royal Rumble Match Finally Revealed

WWE disappointed a lot of fans with the absolutely awful Royal Rumble. Many expected Roman Reigns to win due to all the news and rumors over the last few months, so while the build up was there….the way WWE went about the win was terrible. Even for those who love Reigns, the Rumble itself and the way he won were both quite disappointing.

So who booked the match? According to CageSideSeats, it is said that Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury, Michael Hayes, and Pat Patterson all helped in the booking of the match. They were the ones who decided who would come in and win, as well as who got eliminated when and by whom. So all four were responsible for the horrific Rumble match.

While WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon did sign off on the match, he was not the man who came up with how it went down.

Many think that Roman Reigns would not be getting as much hate if the Rumble match was booked and executed properly. Many are okay with him winning, but not with the way WWE buried all of the favorites just to make Reigns look strong. This would naturally draw the ire of a large portion of the company’s fan base.

So would a properly booked Rumble match still come with some hate? Maybe. A case can be made, however, that WWE fans may have been okay with the win if the Rumble was well-executed and gave some of the other fan favorites an opportunity for their moment in the spotlight. Sadly, it still went down the way it did, and the company cannot change the outcome.

WWE has tried to work around the issue on WWE programming by talking up the controversy over The Rock interfering and not discussing the fact that Reigns’ victory was also an issue for the fans. Interestingly enough, while The Rock did appear in the match technically, both Big Show and Kane were eliminated when he came to his help cousin Roman. Once Rock left the ring, Rusev was revealed as the second to last man yet to be eliminated. Once Reigns saw him, he eliminated the Bulgarian Brute.

WWE had to make it this type of story or they’d break the fourth wall by saying most fans hated seeing Roman Reigns win. Since Roman is a babyface, people are supposed to be happy seeing him win. So the controversy has to be scripted into something else. That all makes sense, but the issue is still alive.

So how will WWE solve the issue if people are still booing Reigns at the main event of WrestleMania 31? Could Seth Rollins be involved? There is a lot of speculation, so we’ll have to see where WWE goes with everything.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]