Nick Hardwick Loses 85 Pounds In 5 Months: Here’s How He Did It [Photos]

Nick Hardwick showed up at a press conference and stunned folks due to the rapid weight loss that the former San Diego Chargers center displayed. Normally a massive sized 293 pounds, Hardwick looked a whole lot slimmer, and as reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Michael Gehlken, Nick Hardwick has lost a whopping 85 pounds in a short period of time. That means Nick went from his higher weight of 293 pounds down to 208 pounds in about five months or less.

How did Nick lose such a large amount of weight in such a short time? Hardwick told reporters that he normalized the amount of calories he was eating and he exercised. By doing both things, Nick was able to drop an amazing 15 to 20 pounds per month, which is quite a feat, since health experts generally recommend people safely lose one to three pounds per week, amounts that top out at 12 pounds lost per month.

Either way, the shocking before and after weight loss photos of Nick Hardwick that displayed such a large amount of weight had sports tongues wagging. The guys at PTI questioned whether Hardwick’s huge weight loss meant that some NFL players were using performance-enhancing supplements to make them such a massive mound of muscles in the first place.

Nick Hardwick isn’t the first retired lineman to drop massive weight, reports Yahoo! Sports‎. The publication recounts other linemen, like Jeff Saturday and Jordan Gross, who also experience huge weight loss soon after they retired, just like Nick Hardwick.

NFL centers need to weigh a lot more than the svelte 208 pounds that Nick Hardwick currently weighs, and the sports pundits at Yahoo! Sports pontificated just what those players are doing to pack on 300 or more pounds while they are playing those positions in the NFL. Either way, Nick Hardwick going from 293 pounds to 208 in less than five months makes people wonder about his dieting secrets. However, thus far, all we’ve got from Hardwick is talk about eating a normal amount of calories — which could range from 1,500 to 2,000 or 2,500 calories per day, based on your gender and other factors — and exercise.

The Nick Hardwick weight loss tactics are the same type of things that helped Rick Ross drop 85 pounds, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image of Nick Hardwick via Yahoo! Sports]