Meghan Trainor Says She’s Currently Broke; How In The World Did That Happen?

Meghan Trainor has only been a household name for the past few months, but she’s already poised to become one of the hottest and most successful pop artists of this generation. Last year, the 21-year-old singer took the music industry by storm when her body positive anthem hit All About That Bass unexpectedly dominated charts across the globe, kicking off the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber from the top of the pops.

With that kind of achievement, you’d expect Trainor to be rolling in serious cash right now. The success of All About That Bass and Lips Are Moving must be filling up Meghan’s vault with gold coins, ala-Scrooge McDuck. Sadly, this is presently not the case for Trainor. According to the pop singer herself, she’s nowhere near Hollywood money just yet.

In a recent interview with Daily Star, Meghan Trainor revealed that she’s broke and is currently living off handouts from her record label. Trainor said, “I haven’t made any money yet. They say I will get a big fat check after nine months which will be in April so I’m hoping that’s right.”

She added, “People think I must be rich but I’m not. I haven’t been able to make a big purchase yet but I’m working on it.” That’s probably the reason fans still haven’t caught Meghan cruising on a Lamborghini or chilling in a penthouse condo in New York.

And if things continue to go right for Meghan Trainor, her April check wouldn’t be her last. Despite critical success with her last two hits, many are worried that the singer’s star power might be on the verge of diminish, especially now that Taylor Swift and other pop veterans have regained their traction towards pop music domination. Hopefully, with incredible talent (which Meghan already has) and the proper mix of Hollywood attitude (not too humble, not too proud), her career would continue to flourish into the future.

In other news, Inquisitr recently reported about rumors that linked the singer to British pop sensation Harry Styles. Meghan Trainor has since denied any romance between her and the singer.

And besides, Trainor probably wouldn’t go for Styles anyway. When Capital FM asked her which One-D star she’d want to have for Valentine’s Day, she didn’t shy away from choosing “the blonde one.”

Meghan Trainor explained her decision to choose Niall Horan, saying, “He’s a gentleman, all the other boys walked by and he came up to me and said ‘I love your song, congrats!'”

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