Kristen Doute Expresses Disappointment In James Kennedy: She Returns To SUR

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute may have been fired from SUR by Lisa Vanderpump after getting into a fight on the restaurant premises during opening hours, but Doute isn’t looking back with regret. It appears that Doute was a bit pleased in regards to getting fired, even though she did not have a backup plan. Since being fired, Kristen has been working on various projects to make ends meet.

But based on Kristen Doute’s Twitter feed, it sounds like she is still very much involved with both Vanderpump Rules and SUR. Doute is rumored to be attending the reunion for the show, even though she was fired. In addition, the Bravo cameras continued to follow her around after she got fired since her storyline is so important to the show these days.

According to a new tweet, Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute is now revealing that she went back to SUR to support her boyfriend while he was working, but found herself to be disappointed when he let her down. In other words, even though she was fired, Kristen remains a guest at SUR. Maybe she still gets along with some of her former co-workers.

“I show up to sur to request from the DJ and James Kennedy has every song except for ours,” Kristen Doute revealed in a tweet from last night, showing that she does still return to SUR to support her boyfriend, James.

“Maaaaaajor FAIL. #igotyoutho,” Kennedy replied to her tweet, revealing that the couple is indeed still together and going strong.

Many people had questioned whether Kristen Doute and James were still together since Doute kept trying to bring hurt to her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. Many viewers had predicted that Kristen would be fired for her behavior. Even though Doute had worked for Lisa Vanderpump for seven years, fighting and arguing with a manager showed a clear lack of respect.

While Kristen Doute claims that Vanderpump probably took some joy in firing her, Lisa has revealed that it was very hard to let her go. And while Kristen struggled to find a steady income after leaving SUR, it sounds like Doute has no plans of ever going back to SUR to work. According to the Inquisitr, Doute wants to keep filming Vanderpump Rules, but doesn’t want to be a part of the staff. Maybe this is why she shows up at SUR to support her DJing boyfriend.

What do you think about Kristen Doute returning to SUR to be with her boyfriend?

[Image via Bravo]