Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Meet At Pre-Globes Party

Talk about awkward? Demi Moore and ex-husband Ashton Kutcher met up at a CAA Golden Globes party at Soho House in Hollywood.

According to Hollywood Life, Moore and Kutcher managed to avoid each other for the majority of the night but when the did meet up it was cordial.

“Within five minutes of them seeing each other, Ashton did come over,” a source says. “It was a crowded room so he made his way over. Demi and Ashton, and Madonna and Sean Penn, were talking and hanging out. Ashton and Demi didn’t arrive together, or spend the whole night together, but it was 100 percent normal. There wasn’t an issue.”

Kutcher and Moore separated and filed for divorce this year over an affair Kutcher had with 22 year old Sara Leal.

Since the separation, it has been rumored that Demi Moore has not been doing so well. The day after the Golden Globes, she was spotted at a charity event looking painfully skinny.

Do you think Demi Moore is not doing very well with the divorce?