Scott Walker Rises Rapidly As 2016 Candidate

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is quickly emerging as a leading presidential candidate for 2016, Fox News reported yesterday. While he hasn’t declared yet, Scott Walker is drawing attention as a possible Republican candidate for president.

“And while he’s sure to cede the spotlight in due time to another member of the crowded field, the governor appears to be taking full advantage of the buzz. As he focuses on the home-front, unveiling a new budget proposal Tuesday in his state, Walker is doing the Sunday talk-show circuit, holding meetings in D.C., and most recently staffing up a newly launched political committee as he moves closer to a decision on a 2016 run,” Fox News reported.

Scott Walker is very likely to run for president, the Huffington Post reports. When asked by Martha Raddatz, of ABC’s This Week, if there is a 99 percent chance he will run for president, Walker said, “I don’t that I’d take the odds, I’ll just tell you one thing. After three elections for governor in four years in a state that hasn’t gone Republican since 1984 for president, I wouldn’t be against me on anything.”

The likely Republican nominee believes had a good chance of winning, the Washington Post reports about Scott Walker’s comments while appearing on ABC’s This Week. Walker said, “People want new, fresh leadership with big, bold ideas and the courage to act on it. If we’re going to take on a name from the past, which is likely former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, I think for the party we need a name for the future.”

The polls shows that, for many, Scott Walker is that name for the future for the Republican Party. Two recent polls shows Walker rapidly rising to front-runner status in the 2016 race for the GOP nomination.

Scott Walker is leading in a new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll, the Des Moines Register reported this past weekend. The poll shows Scott Walker gaining support of 15 percent of Republicans in Iowa, among a large crowd of possible candidates. Additionally, he is in second place among voters preferring an “establishment” candidate, as well as second with those voters wanting an “anti-establishment” candidate.

“He’s in a sweet spot,” pollster J. Ann Selzer was quoted by the Des Moines Register as saying on Scott Walker’s support in the poll.

“People who don’t want an ultra-conservative think he’s OK. People who don’t want a moderate think he’s OK.”

A recent poll of New Hampshire Republicans also has Scott Walker moving into the lead, the Washington Times reports today. The NH1 poll shows Walker is the choice of 21.2 percent of New Hampshire Republicans, while 14.4 percent support Jeb Bush, 8.3 percent choose Rand Paul, and 8.2 percent support Ben Carson.

Scott Walker earlier this year proposed drug testing for Medicaid and food stamp recipients, arguing “We need people who are drug free,” the Inquisitr reported last month. This proposal was part of the 2015-17 budget plan for Wisconsin introduced last month by Governor Scott Walker.

The Wisconsin governor is surely shaking up the 2016 GOP race for president, and it could very well lead to Scott Walker winning the Republican nomination, and maybe the general election, for president in 2016. Many voters may find Scott Walker to be what they are looking for in the president.

[Image of Scott Walker from the Washington Times]